Archbold, OH

Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

PNC Bank, Miamisburg, plaintiff vs Steven George, Archbold, defendant. Foreclosure.

Bank of New York, Ft. Washington, Pa., plaintiff vs Thomas Hutchinson, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

Jody Phillips, Swanton, plaintiff vs Robert Scott, Jr, Swanton, defendant. Other civil.

Bonnie Wilks, Stryker, plaintiff vs Larry Miller, Fayette, defendant. Domestic violence.

Kayla Feathers, Fayette, plaintiff vs William Feathers, IV, Cherry Point, N.C., defendant. Divorce.

Billy Galvin, Wauseon, and Idalia Galvin, Wauseon, petitioners. Dissolution.

Brian Kolodziejczyk, Delta, plaintiff vs Ariel Kolodziejczyk, Delta, defendant. Divorce.

Marriage Licenses

Brady Schaffner, 23, Wauseon, motorcycle mechanic, and Lindsey Bell, 22, Wauseon, dental assistant.

Aaron Wessel, 36, Pittsford, Mich., dairy farmer, and Jennifer Myers, 30, Pittsford, Mich., hair stylist.

Lamar Maddock, 32, Swanton, maintenance, and Cherri Miller, 25, Swanton, sales clerk.

Walter Roche, 43, Swanton, production technician, and Lorilie Herman, 38, Swanton, draper.

Robert Boron, 27, Wauseon, student, and Cassandra Christman, 23, Wauseon, teacher.

Jacob Dawson, 28, Delta, teacher, and Bethany Rogers, 26, Delta, radiology tech assistant.

Thomas Webb, Jr., 30, Wauseon, self-employed, and Amanda Harruff, 21, Wauseon, homemaker.


Hazel Noe, 96, Swanton, Sept. 8, renal disease.

Rosie VanBrandt, 93, Morenci, Mich., Sept. 4, failure to thrive.

Rita Blankenship, 66, Swanton, Sept. 9, cancer

Mildred Lugbill, 86, Archbold, Sept. 11, pneumonia.

Selma Warncke, 96, Wauseon, Sept. 1, cardiovascular disease.

Maria Carrisalez, 82, Wauseon, Sept. 9, myocardial infarction.

Shirley Bulkey, 87, Fayette, Sept. 14, renal disease.

Real Estate Transfers

Robert Gilbert to Lee Short, trustee, 427 Park St., Archbold, $49,651.

Adam Ruch & Alicia Ruch to Steven Rochefort, 11643 Co. Rd. 14, Wauseon, $70,000.

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