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Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

Ron Johnson, Archbold, plaintiff vs Esther Johnson, Ft Wayne, Ind., defendant. Divorce.

Joy St. Louis, Wauseon, plaintiff vs Luc St. Louis, Wauseon, defendant. Domestic violence.

Joy St. Louis, Wauseon, plaintiff vs Luc St. Louis, Wauseon, defendant. Divorce.

GMAC Mortgage, Ft. Washington, Pa., plaintiff vs John Perez, Kalida, defendant. Foreclosure.

Beverly Schlosser, treasurer, Wauseon, plaintiff vs Rose Day, trustee, Brevard, N.C., defendant. Foreclosure.

Capital One Bank, Richmond, Va., plaintiff vs Rachel Arps, Fayette, defendant. Other civil.

Northern Ohio Investment, Sylvania, plaintiff vs David McGee, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

Gregorio Torres, Wauseon, plaintiff vs ConAgra Foods, Omaha, Neb., defendant. Workers compensation.

Joann Echler, Wauseon, plaintiff vs ITT Corporation, West Harrison, N.Y., defendant. Workers compensation.

Beverly Schlosser, treasurer, Wauseon, plaintiff vs Bill Vanenglenburg, Hillsdale, Mich., defendant. Foreclosure.

David Pheils, Jr., Perrysburg, plaintiff vs Scott Salsbury, Delta, defendant. Other civil.

PNC Bank, Kalamazoo, Mich., plaintiff vs Thaddeus Kuszmaul, defendant, Wauseon. Other civil.

Beverly Schlosser, treasurer, Wauseon, plaintiff vs Carlos Contreras, Gastonia, N.C., defendant. Foreclosure.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, plaintiff vs Todd Gype, Wauseon, defendant. Other civil.

DLJ Mortgage Capital, Salt Lake City, Utah, plaintiff vs Carol Malburg, Metamora, defendant. Foreclosure.

BAC Home Loan Servicing, Plano, Texas, plaintiff vs Angela Mattin, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank, Ft. Mill, S.C., plaintiff vs Wendy Griffin, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, plaintiff vs Scottdel, Inc, Swanton, defendant. Other civil.

Northern Ohio Investment, Sylvania, plaintiff vs Sue Daniel, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

Chase Bank, Newark, Del., plaintiff vs Robert Bechstein, Delta, defendant. Other civil.

Capital One Bank, Norcross, Ga., plaintiff vs Crystal Adkins, Archbold, defendant. Other civil.

Huntington National Bank, Columbus, plaintiff vs Thomas Burres, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

US Bank, Owensboro, Ky., plaintiff vs Kristen Sallows, Fayette, defendant. Foreclosure.

Sara Fonseca, address unknown, vs Jorge Chavez, Hebbronville, Texas, obligor. UIFSA.

Felicia Canales, Fayette, plaintiff vs Raul Salinas, Deshler, defendant. Domestic violence.

Christine Mossing, Swanton, plaintiff vs Thomas Mossing, Swanton, defendant. Divorce.

Stacie Shellenbarger, address unknown, vs Benito Canales, Greenville, N.C., obligor. UIFSA.

Larry Blank, Metamora, plaintiff vs Audrey Bland, Metamora, defendant. Divorce.

Marriage Licenses

Matthew Holzhauer, 25, Delta, retail, and Jenna Weber, 25, Wauseon, retail.

Christopher Sherman, 31, Wauseon, engineer, and Marisa Rose, 30, Wauseon, materials manager.

Douglas Pant, 52, Swanton, truck driver, and Dawn Shepherd, 41, Swanton, guest service representative.

Ryan Hendricks, 31, Swanton, boilermaker, and Kristina McAruther, 26, Swanton, nursing assistant.

David Dominique, 40, Fayette, construction, and Christine Miller, 33, Fayette, homemaker.

James Cook, 30, Delta, laborer, and Annie Barden, 28, Delta, self-employed.

William Waugh, 42, Wauseon, truck driver, and Catherine Roberts 49, Wauseon, laborer.

Leo Brewer, 25, Adrian, Mich., firefighter/EMT, and Ashley Gibson, 26, Adrian, Mich., homemaker.

David Nafziger, II, 27, Archbold, sales, and Jennifer Waidelich, 26, Archbold, nurse aide.

Derek Ruplinger, 24, Wauseon, dietary, and Heather Blosser, 24, Wauseon, housekeeping.

Aaron Jaramillo, 25, Fayette, factory worker, and Christina Barnd, 23, Alvordton, STNA.

Timothy Schieber, 22, Delta, tow motor driver, and Cierra Edwards, 23, Delta, homemaker.


Ulysses Bulkley, 88, Fayette, Aug. 24, Alzheimer’s.

Richard Wyse, 80, Archbold, Aug. 24, failure to thrive.

Virginia Montague, 79, Fayette, Aug. 30, lung disease.

Maria Martinez, 74, Wauseon, Aug. 26, pulmonary fibrosis.

Donald Gorsuch, 69, Wauseon, Aug. 30, cancer.

Howard Wanemacher, 76, Wauseon, Aug. 28, cancer.

Doris Warncke, 93, Delta, Aug. 30, Alzheimer’s.

Delmar Beck, 94, Archbold, Aug. 31, senescence.

Steven Cody Martenies, 21, Fayette, Sept. 5, cancer.

Real Estate Transfers

Shawn Netcher to Wells Fargo Bank, 22821 Monroe St., Archbold, $40,000.

David and Rosa Priotke to Federal National Mortgage, 19360 St. Rt. 2, Wauseon, $56,667.

Chad Shipley to Penny Mac Loan, 413 Main St., Wauseon, $105,605.

Richard Gerken to Tracy Albright, 231 E. Hickory St., Wauseon, $54,000.

Judith Lee to Julie Deeds, 10365 Co. Rd. B, Wauseon, $39,000.

Bette Brumbaugh to Christopher Short and Andrea Short, 607 N. Defiance St., Archbold, $60,000.

Robert Donato and Janelle Donato to Jason Batdorf, 16555 Co. Rd. L, Wauseon, $122,000.

Fannie Mae to Colleen Hunter, 112 Peachtree Lane, Wauseon, $171,000.

The Lincoln Group to Christopher Pickering, 417 Park St., Archbold, $55,000.

Brian Krauss to Federal Home Loan, 116 W. Linfoot St., Wauseon, $49,000.

Beneficial Ohio to Andrew and Anita Bowers, 304 Miller Ave., Archbold, $68,500.

Fannie Mae to Christopher Wines, 319 Sycamore, Wauseon, $45,000.

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