Archbold, OH

Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

BAC Home Loans Serving, Plano, Texas, plaintiff vs Ronald Height, Swanton, defendant. Foreclosure.

PNC Bank, Miamisburg, plaintiff vs Dean Druschel, Swanton, defendant. Foreclosure.

Kenneth Gorsuch, Wauseon, plaintiff vs Luc St. Louis, Wauseon, defendant. Other civil.

Sun Federal Credit Union, Maumee, plaintiff vs Robin Yeager, Swanton, defendant. Foreclosure.

PNC Mortgage, Miamisburg, plaintiff vs Robert Liley, Swanton, defendant. Foreclosure.

HSBC Mortgage Services, Brandon, Fla., plaintiff vs Aaron Babcock, II, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

GMAC, Lewisville, Texas, plaintiff vs Dennis Moore, Jr, Swanton, defendant. Other civil.

Wells Fargo Bank, Des Moines, Iowa, plaintiff vs Gary Gould, Swanton, defendant. Other civil.

Everhome Mortgage, Jacksonville, Fla., plaintiff vs Richard Gamber, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

PNC Bank, Miamisburg, plaintiff vs Andrew Lange, Wauseon, defendant. Foreclosure.

Citimortgage, O’Fallon, Mo., plaintiff vs Mary Drzewiecki, defendant. Foreclosure.

HSBC Bank, Las Vegas, Nev., plaintiff vs Ester Boylan, Archbold, defendant. Other civil.

Lori Bogner, Swanton, plaintiff vs Rachael McDowell, Toledo, defendant. Other civil.

Catrina Wright, Archbold vs Sengtavehn Panyasiri, Austin, Texas, obligor. UIFSA.

Bradley Warncke, Delta and Debra Warncke, Delta, petitioners. Dissolution.

Ida Del Rio, Archbold, plaintiff vs Ruben Del Rio, Wauseon, defendant. Divorce.

Karol Allen, Delta, and Robert Allen, Delta, petitioners. Dissolution.

Adriana Oregon vs Ruben Hernandez, Houston, Texas, obligor. UIFSA.

Flori Rangel vs Juan Cabrera, Woodburn, Ore., obligor. UIFSA.

Christopher Rhoden, Edgerton and Erin Rhoden, Archbold, petitioners. Dissolution.

Marriage Licenses

Jerrid Wyse, 25, Metamora, paramedic, and Jessica Barnes, 29, Metamora, paramedic.

Chris Long, 46, Swanton, registered nurse, and Tanya Miller, 44, homemaker.

Steven Varble, 23, Swanton, student, and Brooke Gessner, 23, Napoleon, teacher.

David Hollingshead, 27, Delta, chemical operations, and Caitlyn O’Leary, 22, Delta, student.

Scot Oglesbee, 31, Swanton, plant operator, and April Gill, 26, Swanton, accounts payable.

Matthew Haase, 25, Archbold, financial analyst, and Michelle Tanner, 22, Wauseon, preschool teacher.

Andrew Rocha, III, 25, Wauseon, construction, and Jannelle Buehrer, 23, Wauseon, cosmetologist.

Adam Herzog, 32, Wauseon, assembly, and Zulema Alvarez, 40, Wauseon, homemaker.

Donald Daniels, 46, Swanton, molder, and Erica Bruner, 25, Swanton, STNA.


James Hestor, 66, Wauseon, July 4, suicide.

Anna Aeschliman, 91, Stryker, July 17, failure to thrive.

Oliver Crawford, 88, Sylvania, July 14, congestive heart failure.

Harriet Hoblet, 86, Archbold, July 17, acute cerebral vascular occlusion.

Real Estate Transfers

Jule Grant to Barbara Jacquot, 235 N. Franklin, Wauseon, $40,000.

Danny Baker to Sandra Smith, 13923 Co. Rd. J, Wauseon, $95,000.

Quick Investmens to Care & Share Gift & Thrift, 103 W. Lugbill Rd., Archbold, $50,000.

Richard Kinney & Carolyn Kinney to Quinn Frank, 258 W. Leggett St., Wauseon, $163,000.

HSBC Bank to Hannah Kutzley & Braydon Meck, 204 Middle St., Archbold, $52,000.

Shirley Phillips to Steven & Diane Goldsmith, 17091 SH 2, Wauseon, $10,800.

Margie Harbaugh, trustee, to Randy & Penny Merillat, 12298 Co. Rd. 27, West Unity, $26,000.

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