Archbold, OH
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Mostly clear

Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

US Bank, Plano, Texas, plaintiff vs. Jason Kramer, Napoleon, defendant. Foreclosure.

Horizon Bank National Association, Michigan City, Ind., plaintiff vs. Cynthia Burgin, Swanton, defendant. Other civil.

US Bank National Association, Ft. Washington, Pa., plaintiff vs. Jose Deleon, III, Wauseon, defendant. Foreclosure.

Huntington National Bank, Toledo, plaintiff vs. Sandman Trucking, Toledo, defendant. Foreclosure.

Citimortgage, O’Fallon, Mo., plaintiff vs. David Barrett, Swanton, defendant. Foreclosure.

Kyra Farrell, Statesville, N.C. vs. Chad Long, Morenci, Mich., obligor. UIFSA.

Steven Hester, Whitehouse, and Melissa Hester, Swanton, petitioners. Dissolution.

State of Ohio, ex. rel., Gloria Lerma-Gailey, San Antonio, Texas, vs. Ricardo Casarez, Wauseon, obligor. UIFSA.

Casey Hamlet, Wauseon, and Andrew Hamlet, Wauseon, petitioners. Dissolution.

Marriage Licenses

Cory Sheller, 26, Swanton, equipment operator, and Erin Gomley, 30, Swanton, customer service.

Dustin Spradlin, Berkey, package sorter, and Amy Kovar, 22, Lyons, server.

Andrew Myers, 25, Morenci, Mich., factory, and Katherine Moran, 22, Morenci, Mich., cosmetologist.

Matthew Stahl, 25, Swanton, front desk clerk, and Lesley Laing, 25, Swanton, assistant general manager.

Joseph Bollman, 40, Dearborn, Mich., telecommunication, and Anita Madison, 44, Dearborn, Mich., nurse’s aide.

Jacob Doehrmann, 25, Archbold, shop manager, and Kasey Collins, 22, Bryan, case manager.

Nicholas Hilton, 22, Delta, machine operator, and Rebekah Brown, 23, Delta, homemaker.

Richard Maze, 67, Wauseon, retired, and Marjie Griffin, 45, Wauseon, dishwasher.

Jaron Bernath, 23, Wauseon, engineer, and Karla Nofziger, 22, Archbold, student.

Cole Lantz, 22, Stryker, self-employed, and Amy Hawthorne, 20, Brooklyn, Mich., unemployed.

Deon Williams, 36, Delta, landscaping, and Mandi Pope, 32, Delta, homemaker.

Aaron Lajiness, 28, Wauseon, mechanic, and Emily Leininger, 29, Wauseon, nurse’s aide.

Michael Bronson, 25, Archbold, auto mechanic, and Katherine Bert, 24, Archbold, homemaker.

Toby Rosas, 30, Swanton, roofer, and Sheryl Molinski, 30, Swanton, homemaker.

Jeremy Malak, 23, Swanton, factory, and Chandra Williams, 23, Swanton, nursing assistant.


Raymond Davis, 84, Wauseon, May 21, respiratory failure.

Lyle Dopp, 75, Fayette, May 30, congestive heart failure.

Real Estate Transfers

Bank of New York to Brad Bieber, 16607 Co. Rd. TU, Fayette, $122,000.

Sue Dielman, trustee, to Justin Knierim and Linde Knierim, 750 Fairway Ct., Wauseon, $298,000.

Donald Glasgow to Dustin Bernath, 701 Murbach, Archbold, $77,000.

William Dunn, trustee, Jonelle Dunn to Luke Stuckey and Janessa Stuckey, 66 Hawthorn Dr., Archbold, $110,000.

Jason & Carrie Properties to Ronald Seifer, 407 S. Defi- ance St., Archbold, $90,500.

R&R Investments to Steven Kauffman and Jennifer Kauffman, 116 Pheasant Lane, Archbold, $18,000.

Pauline Scott to Robert Cuellar, 426 Park St., Archbold, $55,000.

Holly Barton to Gail Kern, 412 N. Pointe Drive, Archbold, $178,000.

Magdalena Volkman to Kahrs Farms, 17398 Co. Rd. A, Wauseon, $320,000.

Jeffrey Hatfield and Crystal Hatfield to Robert Lammon, 11970 Co. Rd. L, Wauseon, $160,000.

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