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Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

Stephen Rogers, Lyons, plaintiff vs. Penny Rogers, Lyons, defendant. Divorce.

Heidi Thacker, Wauseon, plaintiff vs. Jesse Thacker, North Canton, defendant. Divorce.

Nichole Waxler, Wauseon, and Steven Waxler, Jr., Wauseon, petitioners. Dissolution.

Sarah LaPointe, Swanton, plaintiff vs. Christopher LaPointe, Swanton, defendant. Divorce.

Michael Leizerman, Swanton, plaintiff vs. Julie Leizerman, Bowling Green, defendant. Divorce.

Theresa Pinson, Swanton, plaintiff vs. Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance, Wilmington, Del., defendant. Other tort.

PNC Bank National Association, Miamisburg, plaintiff vs. Lucas Manning, Wauseon, defendant. Foreclosure.

Monique Gray, Detroit, Mich., plaintiff vs. Amy McVey, Wauseon, defendant. Other tort.

First Federal Bank, Defi- ance, plaintiff vs. Stephan Zaborniak, Archbold, defendant. Foreclosure.

First Federal Bank, Defi ance, plaintiff vs. Jimmy Brooks, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

US Bank National, Ft. Mill, S.C., plaintiff vs. Diane Timbrook, Wauseon, defendant. Foreclosure.

Kristen Colter, Swanton, plaintiff vs. Ashlee Polkinghorn, Swanton, defendant. Other tort.

Farmers & Merchants State Bank, Archbold, plaintiff vs. Michael Luke, Vaughnsville, defendant. Foreclosure.

Marriage Licenses

Archie Mead, 36, Swanton, sales, and Derina Croskey, 33, Swanton, STNA.

Scott Delphous, 51, Fayette, factory, and Jennifer Bitter, 32, Fayette, cashier.

Kenneth Boyer, 24, Delta, teacher, and Kristen Hoffa, 24, Delta, teacher.

Spencer Parrish, 20, Anchorage, Alaska, cashier, and Kara Worosher, 19, Wauseon, cosmetologist.

Justin McQuire, 28, Lyons, road construction, and Charity Ernst, 29, Lyons, road construction.

Daniel Leyva, 49, Archbold, laborer, and Delia Grimaldo, 39, Archbold, housekeeping.

Jeffrey Shadbolt, 29, Morenci, Mich., automotive sales, and Kristal Smith, 23, Morenci, Mich., bank teller.

Joshua Shehorn, 27, Wauseon, CDD, and Trena Towbridge, 24, Delta, cosmetologist.

Lucas Lantz, 24, Archbold, burial business, and Lindy Sauder, 24, Archbold, nurse.

Todd Thomas, 52, Swanton, supervisor, and Linda Morse, 47, Swanton, landscaper.

Kyle Minnich, 31, Delta, operator, and Monique Mondville, 30, Delta, care giver.

Michael Slattman, 37, Wauseon, service mechanic, and Charlotte Rodriguez, 37, Wauseon, teller.

Gordon Andrews, 49, Wauseon, drywall contractor, and Maria Clark, 38, Lambertville, Mich., case administrator.

Christopher Fritsch, 31, Atlanta, Ga., sourcing, and Natalee Alberts, 30, Atlanta, Ga., therapist.


Gale J. Langlois, 67, Delta, May 21, cancer.

Paula Jean Bolden, 45, Delta, May 17, acute coronary accident.

Robert Ort, 89, Morenci, Mich., May 25, coronary artery disease.

James Ziegler, 75, Archbold, May 22, cancer.

Real Estate Transfers

Jason Baun and Melanie Peugeot to Beneficial Ohio, Inc., 304 Miller Ave., Archbold, $99,551.75.

Annette Quillet to Tyler Quillet and Catherine Quillet, 12798 Co. Rd. E, Wauseon, $132,000.

Zachary Robison and Amy Robison to Brian Huffman and Trena Huffman, 324 Primrose Lane, Archbold, $225,000.

Steven Miller to Federal National Mortgage Association, 130 Birch St., Wauseon, $45,000.

Betty Clark to Zachary Robison and Amy Robison, 209 Christine Dr., Archbold, $90,000.

Wesley Rupp and Kathy Rupp to Jason Westrick and Heather Westrick, 16020 Co. Rd. D, Wauseon, $120,000.

Ralph Pauley and Janet Pauley to Joshua Zuver, 615 Ottokee St., Wauseon, $1500.

Brian Huffman to Amy Cover and Brandon Cover, 4390 St. Hwy. 66, Archbold, $105,000.

Rodney Klopfenstein, trustee, to Neva Beck, trustee, 287 Cherry St., Wauseon, $37,500.

Linda Klopfenstein, trustee, to Neva Beck, trustee, 287 Cherry St., Wauseon, $37,500.

Becky Cordes and Jerry Aeschliman, co-trustees, to Dale Edgar and Pauline Edgar, 705 Fairway Lane, Wauseon, $128,000.

Alfredo Vallejo and Dorothy Vallejo to Michael Balusik, II and Mindy Balusik, 12767 Co. Rd. 11-2, Wauseon, $220,000.

Grant Burkholder and Kelli Burkholder, by sheriff, to Fannie Mae, 23312 Co. Rd. F, Archbold, $56,667.

Sandra Howard, executor of estate of Freda Ruffer, to Jay Bostelman and Jodi Johnston, 530 Third St., Wauseon, $104,600.

Jose Ramos and Erlinda Ramos to Michael England, 830 N. Ottokee St., Wauseon, $79,500.

Barbara Heibel to Jeffrey Moose and Erin Quinn, 816 Highland Dr., Wauseon, $190,000.

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