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Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

GEMB Lending, Costa Mesa, Calif., plaintiff vs. Timothy Bandy, Swanton, defendant. Other civil.

Retail Recovery Service, Columbus, plaintiff vs. Ryan Terwilliger, Swanton, defendant. Other civil.

Northern Ohio Investment, Sylvania, plaintiff vs. Johnnie Szczepanski, Wauseon, defendant. Foreclosure.

GMAC Mortgage, Ft. Washington, Pa., plaintiff vs. Bonnie Budy, Swanton, defendant. Foreclosure.

Deutsche Bank National Trust, Jacksonville, Fla., plaintiff vs. Joseph Gurzynski, Wauseon, defendant. Foreclosure.

Fifth Third Mortgage, Cincinnati, plaintiff vs. Kenneth Derflinger, Fayette, defendant. Foreclosure.

Farmers & Merchants State Bank, Archbold, plaintiff vs. Jeremiah McAfee, Fayette, defendant. Foreclosure.

Deutsche Bank National Trust, West Palm Beach, Fla., plaintiff vs. Elmer Pfab, Wauseon, defendant. Foreclosure.

Brenda Stevens, Delta, and Mark Stevens, Delta, petitioners. Dissolution.

Carrie Jo Smith, Delta, plaintiff vs. David Smith, Delta, defendant. Divorce.

Jennifer Miller, Archbold, plaintiff vs. Neil Miller, Archbold, defendant. Divorce.

Heather Jones, Wauseon, plaintiff vs. Devin Jones, Wauseon, defendant. Divorce.

Carrie Lewis, Delta, and Jonathan Lewis, Delta, petitioners. Dissolution.

Marriage Licenses

Timothy Pinkelman, 45, Metamora, cement contractor, and Karen Donahue, 44, Lyons, hair stylist.

Timothy Phillips, 28, Swanton, social worker, and Randy Rife, 32, Swanton, LPN.

Michael Burkholder, 48, Archbold, engineer, and Diana Sammet, 51, Archbold, graduate student.

Robert Cross, Jr, 20, Delta, car detailer, and Rebecca Shotwell, 20, Wauseon, administrative assistant.

Brodie Emmons, 25, Morenci, Mich., forklift driver, and Malena Lapidus, 21, Morenci, Mich., dietary.

James Hernandez, 34, Archbold, student, and Deedra Smith, 31, Archbold, factory.

Paul Todd, 26, Delta, steelworker, and Ashley Raabe, 25, Delta, office manager.

Bradly Nofziger, 24, Lyons, general labor, and Kimberly Raker, 23, Fayette, EMT.

Patrick Downing, 41, Fayette, engineer, and Barbara Tompkins, 38, Morenci, Mich., daycare provider.


Vivian Covert, 81, Swanton, April 2, heart.

Hildegarde Scholl, 105, Archbold, April 14, cerebral vascular accident.

Real Estate Transfers

Norma Woolace, executrix, to Andrew Philpot and Andria Philpot, 8467 Co. Rd 22, Archbold, $75,000.

Roger Drummer and Cathy Drummer to Jonathan Hill, 738 Fairway Drive, Unit 15, Wauseon, $70,131.

James Dominique to Walter Sroczynski and Janet Sroczynski, 304 Park Place, Archbold, $103,000.

Allan Crawford to James Crawford, Sr., trustee, 216 Lawrence St., Fayette, $24,000.

Louis Yoppolo, trustee, to Donald Dinius, Co. Rd. G, 8.23 acres, Archbold, $30,000.

Eric Rohrs and Andrea Rohrs to Ryan DeGroff and Katrina DeGroff, 6085 Co. Rd. 13, Wauseon, $287,500.

Paula Burkholder to Primacy Closing Corporation, 7671 Co. Rd. 12, Wauseon, $160,000.

Primacy Closing Corporation to David Whitmill and Linda Whitmill, 7671 Co. Rd. 12, Wauseon, $135,000.


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