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Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

Wells Fargo Bank, Ft. Mill, S.C., plaintiff vs. Diana Rodriquez, Wauseon, defendant. Foreclosure.

Gary Michalkiewicz, Swanton, plaintiff vs. Trisha St Clair, Delta, defendant. Other tort.

Daniel Holmes, Toledo, plaintiff vs. Shannon Olee, Warrenville, Ill., defendant. Other tort.

Bank of New York, Plano, Texas, plaintiff vs. Todd Totzke, II, Swanton, defendant. Foreclosure.

Household Realty Corporation, Elmhurst, Ill., plaintiff vs. Jesus Flores, Archbold, defendant. Foreclosure.

Everhome Mortgage, Jacksonville, Fla., plaintiff vs. Jonathon Mignin, Archbold, defendant. Foreclosure.

Deutsche Bank National Trust, Jacksonville, Fla., plaintiff vs. Antonia Siller, Wauseon, defendant. Foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank, Ft. Mill, S.C., plaintiff vs. Mark Przeslawski, Fort Wayne, Ind., defendant. Foreclosure.

PNC Mortgage, Miamisburg, plaintiff vs. Justin Watson, Swanton, defendant. Foreclosure.

Jennifer Miller, Archbold, plaintiff vs. Neil Miller, Archbold, defendant. Divorce.

Carrie Jo Smith, Delta, plaintiff vs. David Smith, Delta, defendant. Divorce.

Brenda Stevens, Delta, and Mark Stevens, Delta, petitioners. Dissolution.

Marriage Licenses

Albert Skinner, 23, Upland, Ind., military, and Christene Bragg, 21, Swanton, student.

Eric Fry, 29, Wauseon, student, and Amber Shadbolt, 24, Wauseon, student.

Thomas Robison, Jr., 50, Swanton, bricklayer, and Charlotte Croskey, 50, Swanton, development assistant.


Marie Storeholder, 86, Wauseon, April 10, renal failure.

Ralph Case, 60, Swanton, April 9, chronic lung disease.

Louis Boehm, 87, Swanton, April 5, chronic pulmonary disease.

Gerald DeLong, 56, Wauseon, April 1, pending.

Mabel Burkholder, 85, Archbold, April 10, accident.

Real Estate Transfers

Debra Raymer to Deutsche Bank, 306 S. Lincoln, Archbold, $56,200.

Matthew Rychener and Julie Rychener to Walter Meiring and JoAnn Meiring, 10280 Co. Rd. 17, Wauseon, $210,000.

Rick McQuillin to J. Richard Mueller and Roberta Mueller, 1 acre, 300 block Short Buehrer Rd, Archbold, $30,000.

James Colon and Rita Colon to Justin Galbraith and Heather Galbraith, 522 Burr Rd., Wauseon, $110,000.

Donald Bell to Nicole Leupp, 1109 S. Defiance St., Archbold, $82,000.

Cheryl Maxson and Vicki Miller to Timothy Wensink, 329 Eastwood, Wauseon, $120,000.

Shane Myers to Trevor Hibbard and Lynnette Hibbard, 23144 US 20, Fayette, $110,000.

Susan Enright, trustee, to Kasey Gray, 418 Cedar St., Wauseon, $69,900.

John Smith to Brian Skates, 133 Marshall St., Wauseon, $58,500.

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