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Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

Ellen Schwind, Archbold, plaintiff vs. Justin Schwind, Toledo, defendant. Divorce.

Prisha Keefer, Tecumseh, Mich., plaintiff vs. Lewis Keefer, Jr., Swanton, defendant. Divorce.

Kenneth Brink, Wauseon, plaintiff vs. Darlene Brink, Fayette, defendant. Divorce.

Richard Robertson, Delta, and Tamara Robertson, Delta, petitioners. Dissolution.

Jennifer Grimsley, Delta, plaintiff vs. Terry Miller, Delta, defendant. Domestic violence.

First Horizon Home Loans, Irving, Texas, plaintiffs vs. James Louy, Swanton, defendant. Foreclosure.

Countrywide Home Loans, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas, plaintiff vs. Joseph Rababa, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

Susan Murry, Lyons, plaintiff vs. North Clinton Mennonite Church, Wauseon, defendant. Other civil.

Samir Babamir, Orlando, Fla., plaintiff vs. Grand Aire Express, Inc., Swanton, defendants. Administrative appeal.

Timothy Sandy, Swanton, plaintiff vs. Schumacher Homes of Bowling Green, Canton, defendants. Other torts.

US Bank National Association, as Trustee, Raleigh, N.C., plaintiffs vs. David Doran, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

Hudson & Keyse, Assignee of Fifth Third Bank, Painesville, plaintiffs vs. Tina Kern-Ellenwood, Archbold, defendant. Other civil.

First Federal Bank, Defiance, plaintiffs vs. Russell May, Lebanon, Ohio, defendant. Foreclosure.

Marriage Licenses

Nathan Earl, 22, Wauseon, plumbing technician, and Jamie Gamber, 23, Wauseon, hairstylist/ waitress.

David Moore, 54, Wauseon, counselor, and Michele Bechtel, 52, McClure, nurse.

Barry Leady, 58, Fayette, factory, and Norma Rising, 54, Fayette, factory.

James Maney, 46, Stryker, disabled, and Cynthia Eyer, 48, Wauseon, disabled.

Randy Burghardt, 45, Metamora, electrician, and Kimberlee Myers, 23, Temperance, Mich., stocker.

Daniel Nafziger, 59, Delta, rural carrier, and Kathleen Browning, 52, Delta, retired.

Wade Anderson, 25, Delta, laborer, and Charity Searcy, 23, Delta, home health care.

Michael Villalovos, 21, Wauseon, wire welder, and Mariselle Coronado, 22, Archbold, hair stylist.

Jacob Thatcher, 19, Archbold, customer service, and Brittany Proctor, 18, Archbold, tutor.

Mark Seiler, 36, Wauseon, self-employed, and Tina McKean, 34, Wauseon, nurse.


Joan Morgan, 80, Wauseon, Sept. 27, cancer.

Doris Ridenour, 79, Wauseon, Sept. 12, heart disease.

Pearl Replogle, 89, Evansport, Sept. 13, heart disease .

Ellen Eash, 86, Archbold, Oct. 1, Alzheimer’s.

John Pielitz, Jr., Archbold, Sept. 23, pneumonia.

Marvel Schmucker, 95, Pettisville, Oct. 1, Alzheimer’s.

Monica Bartoshevich, 42, Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 28, pending.

Real Estate Transfers

Glenda Rupp and Ronald Rupp to Jeremy and Ann Merillat, 12457 County Road 22, Fayette, $125,000.

Fulton County Sheriff to Christopher Horn and Crystal Horn, 215 DeGroff Street, Archbold, $79,000.

Mull-Berry Bush Day School, Inc. to Carol Krieger, 442 North Fulton, Wauseon, $54,000.

Charlotte Tejkl to Jon Ehrsam, James Ehrsam, William Ehrsam, 12112 County Road J, Wauseon, $139,825.

Lucille Roth to Andrew Roth, 205 Hickory St, Wauseon, $83,840.

Lois Friesen to Robert Cordy, 403 West Street, Archbold, $77,000.

Wesley Vanderbunt and Eugene Vanderbunt to Kelly Crisman, 308 Clinton Street, Wauseon, $80,000.

Benjamin Etter to Pennington Family Partnership, 17450 County Road T, Fayette, $39,900.

Carolyn Smith, Dealton Boyers, and Paul Boyers to Robert Krasa and Sharon Krasa, 14930 County Road J, Wauseon, $22,000.

Carolyn Smith, Dealton Boyers, and Paul Boyers to Ben Rupp Builders, 14430 County Road J, Wauseon, $72,000.

Allen Lantz, trustee of The Kline Family to City of Wauseon, 15237 State Route 2, Wauseon, $5000.

David and Diane Wolfinger to Citifinancial, 205 South Shoop, Wauseon, $33,334.

Neree Emmons and Geraldine Emmons to Clark Emmons, 15585 State Route 108, Fayette, $794,000.

Rodney Tripp, by sheriff to Bank of New York, trustee, 300 South Fayette Street, Fayette, $33,334.

Karen Miller, trustee to Colleen Holland, trustee, 1025 Olds Lane, Archbold, $12,000.

Dennis Miller and Sarah Miller to Dencel Miller and Phyllis Miller, 318 Park Place, Archbold, $163,500.


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