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Fuel Tax Hike To Benefit Village By $114,000

An increase in the tax the state of Ohio charges on gas and diesel fuel will benefit the village of Archbold by more than $100,000.

The state transportation budget was approved by the state legislature and signed by Mike DeWine, governor. It included a 10.5 cents-pergallon increase in the tax on gasoline and 19 cents-pergallon increase on diesel fuel.

Motorists will begin paying the tax July 1.

The Ohio Department of Transportation estimated that in the first fiscal year of the two-year budget bill, Archbold will receive an additional $114,357.

Currently, the state charges tax of 28 cents per gallon. Archbold receives $182,869 per year from that tax.

The ODOT estimate shows that during the 2020 fiscal year (July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020), the village will receive a total of $297,226.

As part of the state transportation budget, the allocation of motor fuel tax revenue was changed.

Under the current structure, the state keeps 60% of the tax, with 40% going to local political entities.

Starting July 1, the state of Ohio share is reduced to 55%. The remainder, 45% goes to local governments.

All seven Fulton County communities receive additional money, along with the 12 county townships.

All townships currently receive $90,475 per year.

With the increase in the tax, townships are expected to receive an additional $56,729, for a total of $147,205.