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Fryman Questions, But Supports Township Fire Levy Decision

Jeff Fryman, Archbold mayor, questions a decision by the German Township Trustees to request a 1.3- mill fire levy.

His question came during the Archbold Village Council meeting, Monday, Jan. 15.

But he said council will support the township levy request.

Archbold Village Council and the German Township Trustees have signed a new fire service agreement.

As part of that agreement, the trustees will levy taxes for operation of the fire department, while Archbold officials will oversee operation of the department.

Currently, the township has two property tax levies on the books, one for onehalf (.5) mill, and one for sixtenths (.6) mill.

The trustees have passed measures to put an additional 1.3-mill property tax levy on the ballot to fund the fire department.

“Thinking out loud,” Fryman asked the trustees why they opted to go with 1.3 mills, rather than asking for two mills and then not collect the two older millages.

“Now you have to sell three levies” to voters, Fryman said.

“Our concern is voters will constantly see different levies for the fire department,” Fryman said.

Joe Short, a township trustee, attended the meeting and said that Fryman’s concern is a valid point.

The fire service agreement between the two sides “is a new concept,” adding there needs to be a meeting between village officials, trustees, and representatives of the fire department to go over the budget for the department.

At a later date, property tax levies can be evaluated, and could be changed.

“Whatever numbers you get, we’ll be sure to support” the trustees’ request, Fryman said.

Short said having three levies on the tax bills would give the trustees some flexibility, but he agreed he didn’t want to be constantly putting levies in front of people.

At the same time, the trustees must ensure the levies generate enough money to operate the department.

Council voted to affirm the fire service contract with the township.

Council had approved the agreement earlier, but there were minor changes to the contract after the trustees voted on the agreement.

Depot, High Streets

Council approved advertising for bids for the reconstruction of Depot and High streets in the village.

Depot Street will be rebuilt from North Defiance Street to East Holland Street.

High Street, which starts at Murbach Street and deadends to the north, will also be rebuilt.

The new streets will feature curbs and gutters.

Donna Dettling, village administrator, said the estimated cost of the project is about $500,000.

The board also replaced the village appropriation ordinance to correct some figures.

Fryman announced committee appointments for councilmen for the current year. Every councilman has one committee chairmanship, he said.

He noted Brian Huffman, a councilman, serves on the firefighter dependent fund.

“I was on (the dependent fund committee) for 18 years, and we never had a meeting,” Fryman said.

Dettling explained the dependent fund committee only meets if a firefighter is killed battling a fire.

Drew Ginn, a new member of council, was appointed to the Archbold Planning Commission.

Brad Short, also new on council, will stay on the board of zoning appeals, where he has been serving.

Dettling also presented council with a schedule for each member to attend a meeting of the German Township Trustees.

Zoning Permits

Council reviewed several reports, including the annual zoning permit report.

The zoning report indicated that permits were issued for 12 new single-family dwellings to be constructed in the village. Estimated costs of those structures ranged from a high of $550,000 to a low of $160,000.

Total value for all the homes for which permits were issued was $3,490,500.

During the meeting, Fryman read a proclamation declaring February “Career and Technical Education Month” in the village.

All members were present, and all votes were unanimous.

The next meeting is Monday, Feb. 5, 7 pm, in council chambers.

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