Archbold, OH

Franks Feared Dead By Police, Family

Eric Franks

Eric Franks

Eric Franks, son of Joann Franks, Archbold, has been missing and is feared dead by police and family members.

Reports say he was last seen in March of 2011 at Miller’s Motel in Bridgeport, Mich.

Since then, there has been no contact with friends or family, and the car he was driving has disappeared as well.

Lived In Archbold

Joann Franks said her son moved to Archbold in 2008. He left in late 2010 to be near a former girlfriend who lives in Buena Vista Township in the Saginaw, Mich., area.

While there, he lived at the motel while working odd jobs in the area.

J. Franks said while Eric was living at the motel, he kept in touch with family by phone calls, email messages, and photos sent home.

She said March 10, 2011, was the last time any of his family or friends heard from him.

Greg Klecker, Buena Vista Township police sergeant, said the last reported sighting of Eric was on March 21, 2011. The girlfriend told police he was with her at the motel on that date, but J. Franks said another witness disputed her claim.

J. Franks owns the car Eric was driving at the time of his disappearance. She officially filed a stolen car report on Thursday, Sept. 13, over a year after the car went missing.

She had filed a request for a check of her son’s welfare in November 2011. Archbold police only recently released the report.

Klecker said E. Franks and the car are now listed on the National Crime Information Center computer system. If a law enforcement officer stops Eric or the car, the Buena Vista Township police request for information will come up.

Active, But…

Klecker said the Buena Vista Township police are still treating the Franks case as an active investigation, but there is no tangible evidence to link the disappearance to any suspect.

“We’ve interviewed the girlfriend,” he said.

“We can’t tie (the disappearance) to anyone, because there’s no physical evidence.”

Klecker said the culture of Saginaw is different from that of Archbold.

“We’re in a high-crime area. There’s nothing to rule out that he got hooked up with some local people” and was killed, he said.

The township police department has been investigating the case.

“I’m looking at the file right now,” Klecker said. “It’s two or three inches thick.”–David Pugh

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