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Four County Offers Unique Training To Thousands Of Adults

During the 2006-2007 school year, the Four County Career Center served 3,300 adults, providing 21,000 hours of training. The school is located south of Archbold at the intersection of St. Rts. 34 and 66.

Sue Stamm, representing the school’s administrative office skills program, spoke to Archbold Area Chamber of Commerce members about the school, Monday noon. She has taught adult work force classes for almost 10 years.

According to Stamm, the work force classes serve mainly adults, but occasionally 16-yearolds are accepted. Most of the instructors come from an industrial background or job, related to the course they teach.

Day and night classes are offered. The class can be as brief as a three-hour class or a multiweek class requiring over 100 hours of class work. Costs per class can range from $15 for a two- to three-hour bead bracelet class to a computer/business course costing $1,850. The computer course is 16 weeks of classes totaling 200 hours.

On-Site Training

Ninety teachers conduct onsite classes for 141 companies in Northwest Ohio. Customized classes are designed for area businesses, including many computer classes. Instructors come from area industries.

Nine areas of classes are offered to students. Included are basic English programs for students who do not speak the language. Instructors also provide classes at the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio for those who have not received a GED (general education degree).

Four County also offers classes at locations in the four county area. Included are free ABLE (adult basic literacy education) classes.

Pharmacy Tech Offered

This year, a pharmacy technician class is being offered for the first time. It is drawing interest as are the nurse aide, medical administrative, home health aide and most medicalrelated classes.

Four County offers an EMT (emergency medical technician) class in conjunction with the University of Toledo.

Stamm said she likes to have at least six students enrolled in her computer or office skills classes, but she has had as few as three students.

Agriculture classes provide business information for farmers. Stamm said the variety of ag classes offered by Four County are very popular with area farmers.

Bruce Goodwin, Defiance, Ohio House of Representative member, is the Oct. 15 AACC speaker.


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