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Four County Career Center Receives Bomb Threat

A bomb threat, contained in a note found in a restroom at the Four County Career Center, led to the evacuation of the school on Thursday, Oct. 2.

It’s the first bomb threat at the vocational school in at least 10 years, said Tim Meister, superintendent.

After the note was found in a restroom at about 12:52 pm, Meister said law enforcement was contacted and students were evacuated to the Northwest State Community College campus.

“They (NSCC) were very hospitable,” Meister said. “I can’t say enough good things about them.”

Michael D. Bodenbender, Henry County sheriff, said he went to FCCC from the sheriff office in Napoleon with his lights and siren on.

“Four County is a massive school,” Bodenbender said.

He said when he arrived, “there wasn’t a person in the school.”

“I was really impressed by the way the school handled it,” he said.

Ridgeville Fire Rescue

In addition to himself and sheriff deputies, Bodenbender said the Ridgeville Fire Department and Rescue Squad were dispatched.

When officers arrived, they conducted a sweep of the school building looking for anything suspicious: unattended packages, things left out of place, etc.

“We started at the front and worked our way to the back, searching the whole ground floor. When we finished that, we checked the second floor,” said Bodenbender.

When instructors were allowed back into the building, they were asked to look over their rooms, again for anything suspicious.

Nothing was found.

By the time the search was finished, it was time for students to be dismissed.

Meister said students were brought back to the campus from NSCC, loaded on buses, and sent home.

A few students who had car keys in their lockers were allowed to return to their lockers, with a sheriff deputy or firefighter escorting them.


Bodenbender said if the person who left the note in the restroom is found, he or she will be prosecuted for making the threat.

In some places, when a bomb threat is received, students are given the option of leaving the building, or staying in class.

That’s not the case at Four County, Meister said.

“It’s not a situation to be ignored,” he said.

“When parents send their kids to school, they trust us to do everything in our power to keep them safe.”

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