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Former Bruce’s Juices Store Is Facebook Topic

Memories of the former gas station and convenience store at Ridgeville Corners were topics of conversation on the social media Internet website Facebook recently.

As the building was being torn down, people shared memories of the convenience store known to many as “Bruce’s Juices.”

A man in his 50s said he remembered when the building was a gas station. He was about 12 at the time, when “the senior boys hung out there with their hot muscle cars and smoked cigarettes.”

A woman around the same age remembered the boys would steal Halloween pumpkins and store them in the then-vacant building’s bathroom, before smashing them on US 6, which runs through Ridgeville Corners.

A younger woman said she remembered, “We used to sneak money out of my dad’s coin jar and get slush puppies (a half-frozen slush drink) there every day in the summer!

“Of course the boys would always sneak back into the “naughty” (adult) movie section, and thought they were getting away with so much.

“And then there’s riding uptown with Dad on the golf cart to go through the drivethrough for some brewskis.”

Another woman commented, “I agree, the slush puppies were the BEST, the penny candy, too! I remember for one of my birthdays (had to be younger than five) (her older cousin) gave me a huge brown paper sack full of penny candy. I thought that was the best present ever!”

A young man said, “I will miss this place. Too bad it wasn’t still in use. I can remember going up there and buying out all the gummy worms and eating them all in one day. I will say slush puppies were about the best bang for its buck as a kid.”

A woman added, “We would sneak down to Bruce’s during catechism break for an extra long break and snacks.

“The pastor was never very happy with us when we got back,” she said.

While the building was the center of a lot of activity, Pam Kruse, a Ridgeville resident, said many were not sad to see it demolished.

“It was in such a state of disrepair, we were glad to see it go,” she said.

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