Archbold, OH

Follow Sidewalk Regulations

For decades, few things have created more controversy in the Village of Archbold than sidewalks.

Whether it’s building them or repairing them, someone is always against them.

Sidewalks were a topic at the Monday, June 3, Archbold Village Council meeting. This time, it was the question of how many sidewalks for Lindau Street. The original street rebuilding plan called for sidewalks on both sides of the street; after objections, council decided on one.

It is the stated opinion of this newspaper that sidewalks are good for Archbold. They provide a safe, healthy, environmentally-friendly alternative to traveling everywhere by car.

They encourage social interaction, and provide safe routes to parks, churches, downtown, and schools for children and adults and the disabled, especially those with vision problems.

Council has had regulations for sidewalks since 1966. For decades, previous councils chose to ignore the ordinance regulations. Those councils established an unfortunate precedent.

Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, stated council had made a mistake not requiring sidewalks in the North Pointe Estates subdivision.

Just because a mistake was made in the past, doesn’t mean it must be repeated again and again.

Council will probably need to consider each new sidewalk on a caseby case basis, but when in doubt, council must error on the side of more sidewalks, not fewer. Sidewalks are as important as streets.

Shouldn’t the betterment of the community be served?

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