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Flu Hits Fairlawn, But Public Can Still Visit

Donna Konst, chief executive officer of the Fairlawn Retirement Community, said Tuesday, influenza type A has hit the Care Center, or nursing home portion of the campus.

However, she said “quarantine” is the technical language Fairlawn officials are required to use when flu cases are detected.

The general public may still visit, but there are signs at every door advising visitors that there is flu in building, and providing additional information.

Masks and hand sanitizer are provided at each doorway.

Those who are sick are asked not to visit the facility, and those who may be more susceptible to influenza, such as persons with chronic conditions such as diabetes, emphysema, or congestive heart failure, should avoid visiting at this time.

Further, those who wish to take a resident out of the facility are advised to take the illness into account.

The measures put in place were established to protect residents and visitors from contracting and spreading the flu virus inside Fairlawn and in the general community.

Konst said the flu “is running rampant” in Ohio.

There have been positive tests for influenza type A, but she doesn’t have a full accounting.

She explained not all residents with flu symptoms were tested, but all have been treated.

“We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis,” she said.

Social activities and chapel services have been cancelled for the last week in an effort to avoid the spread of the virus.

Fairlawn employees have been asked to monitor their own health, and if they become ill, are asked to stay home. Those at work are asked to wash their hands frequently or use hand sanitizer.

“We have a rigorous infection control program yearround, and continue to work to insure the health and safety of all of our residents,” Konst said.

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