Archbold, OH

Florida Breakfast Attracts Area Residents

Archbold and former Archbold residents in the Bradenton, Fla., area who attended the Feb. 27 Archbold breakfast at Christian Retreat were Ed and Annabelle Carlin, Roger and Ruthann Rupp, Dave and Shirley Lersch, Barb Rupp, Phyllis M. Short,

Martha Wyse, Mary Ellen Meier, Don and Maureen Roth, Charles Lugbill, Joe Miller, Roger and Karen Grieser,

Curt and Leta Beck, John and Janette Trudel, Mike and Orlene Mason, Ralph and Carolyn Metzler, Mary and Lowell Wyse,

John and Helen Merillat, Marve and Pauline King, Tom and Shirley Nafziger, Deb Short,

Lowell and Ila Rose, Chuck and Pat Nicholls, Myrt Leininger, Vern and Laemita Plassman, Rollie and Suzette Nafziger, Duane and Linda Hayes.

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