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Flashing Stop Signs For Co. Rds. 24 & E?

The German Township trustees are looking at installing stop signs with flashing red lights at Co. Rds. 24 and E.

The Ohio Department of Transportation has flagged the intersection as one of the most dangerous places for traffic accidents in Fulton County.

In recent meetings, the trustees said Hayley Dockery, an engineer at the Fulton County Engineer Office, said ODOT had flagged the intersection based on the number of accidents that occurred at or near there.

But the trustees noted three of the accidents were classified as “animal incidents.”

The trustees said Dockery urged them to undertake some kind of improvement at the intersection.

“At least do something,” Bruce Lauber, president of the township trustees, quoted Dockery as saying.

The trustees discussed ideas for the intersection at their Aug. 28 meeting.

They discussed double stop signs– two stop signs for each direction of travel; and rumble strips, small trenches cut into the road surfaces that make noise when vehicles drive over them.

One option they considered were stop signs ringed with flashing red lights. The lights use solar panels to charge a battery to keep the lights flashing during the night.

There are no such signs in Fulton County, but they are in use in other area counties.

During the meeting, the trustees reviewed information from one vendor that offered the signs for $1,600 each.

For an intersection with a four-way stop, the total cost would be $6,400.

In an interview Tuesday, Lauber said the trustees have requested literature and firm pricing information.

They are also searching for other companies that make similar products. The goal is to compare pricing, he said.

“We’ve got a three-year window,” Lauber said.

At that time, ODOT will reevaluate the intersection.

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