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Five-Year-Old Boy Is Found Walking Along S. Defiance St.

A five-year-old boy who told officers he was looking for his mother, was found walking in the 2000 block of South Defi- ance Street.

Thom Ross, Archbold Police assistant chief, said he was dispatched to the location, south of the Pamida discount store, about 9:29 am, Thursday, Sept. 18.

When he arrived, Ross said the boy, clad in pajamas and tennis shoes, was on the side of the roadway, talking with two adults.

Ross said the boy knew his first name, but could not tell him his last.

Guessing the boy came from the Fox Chase Manufactured House Community, Ross said he placed the boy in the back seat of his patrol car, buckled his seat belt, and drove into the complex.

He stopped the first persons he saw, asking if he recognized the boy; they gave Ross an area in the trailer court where they had seen the child.

Ross said he drove the boy to the area. The child immediately recognized his home, and ran towards it.

Ross said he spoke to the father, who was unaware the boy had left the trailer. The boy’s mother was at work at the time.

While no charges were filed, Ross said a copy of the report will be sent to the Fulton County Department of Job and Family Services.

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