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Five Men Indicted

Five men were indicted by a Fulton County Grand Jury, Monday, Sept. 18, for crimes committed in the county:

•Daniel E. Maynard, Jr., 33, Napoleon; indicted on two counts, theft of drugs; on or about July 22, allegedly stole the prescription painkillers Hydrocodone and Oxycodone

•Michael D. Lebo III, 20, Beloit; indicted one count, aggravated possession of drugs; on or about Aug. 24, allegedly possessed the illegal drug MDA.

•Mark A. Cormack, 21, Richmond, Va.; indicted on two counts, felonious assault; on or about Aug. 18, allegedly caused serious physical harm to an- other by means of a deadly weapon.

•Joseph T. Cox, 36, Swanton; indicted on one count, domestic violence; on or about Sept 7, allegedly caused or attempted to cause physical harm to a family or household member.

Randy A. Solly Jr., 29, Delta; indicted on one count each, receiving stolen property, burglary, vandalism, theft of drugs, grand theft, theft from a person in a protected class, grand theft of a motor vehicle; on or about July 23, allegedly obtained a motor vehicle knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that is had been stolen, allegedly trespassed in an occupied structure, allegedly stole a dangerous drug, firearm, motor vehicle, and other items.

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