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Fire-EMS Building Is Newest Fair Addition

One of the newest additions to this year’s Fulton County Fair is not an amazing new carnival ride.

It won’t make sounds like an animal, and it won’t roar like a tractor puller or demolition derby car.

It isn’t even finished.

It’s the new fairgrounds fire station, located on the southwest corner of the Fulton County Fairgrounds.

Andy Brodbeck, Archbold Fire Department chief, said the shell of the steel building is up, and the concrete floor, plus the east end approach, are ready.

There is no permanent electricity, and interior walls aren’t finished.

The Fulton County Fireman Association, which is putting up the building, received a temporary permit from the State of Ohio to use the building for this year’s fair.

“It is functional,” Brodbeck said.

The fair opens Friday, Aug. 29, and continues until Thursday, Sept. 4.


Each year, the fair draws hundreds of thousands of people. To protect the people from fire and to provide emergency medical service, county fire departments, plus the Morenci, Mich., department, place fire and EMS crews at the grounds on a rotating basis. Morenci has responsibility for a portion of the county, making them members of the Fulton County Fireman Association.

“We’ll each take a day, from 8 am to 10 or 11 pm. Then Wauseon covers the nights,” Brodbeck said.

Each department brings its own fire trucks and ambulances.

For decades, the crews have worked out of a building near the midway.

Brodbeck said the fair has grown around the building to the point that with the size of the crowds, it’s difficult to get vehicles in and out of the building.


The new building is 50×70 feet, with two drive-through bays. Those bays will be big enough to park two fire engines and two ambulances inside.

When completed, it will have two EMS treatment rooms, where paramedics and emergency medical technicians can work on minor injuries or illnesses, plus a kitchen.

From the southwest corner of the fairgrounds, Brodbeck said fire engines can quickly access north-south or east-west roads and get anywhere on the grounds.

EMS cases will be a little dif- ferent. There will still be an EMS crew stationed in the old building. They will have a golf cart or small utility vehicle, equipped for patient transport.

If a patient needs transported to a hospital, the golf-cart ambulance can quickly take the patient to the fire station, where an ambulance will be ready to go.


The new building is being fi- nanced entirely by donations- no tax dollars were used, Brodbeck said.

The original estimated price of the new building was between $290,000 and $300,000.

The fireman association has benefited from several donations- some large. Donations have included cash, materials, and labor.

“Right now, with the shell up, and the donated materials and labor, we have about $120,000 in the building,” Brodbeck said.

The association has conducted a number of events to raise the money to build the station.

“We’ve done a couple of motorcycle poker runs, we had a Texas hold ’em (poker) tournament, we sold t-shirts and sweatshirts, and we’re raffling a pickup truck,” he said.


The building won’t sit idle when the fair is over.

There are a number of events held on the county fairgrounds, for which fire and EMS crews will be on hand. Plus, the fireman association will use the building for its own events.

The building can double as an emergency command center, if there should be a disaster.

Brodbeck is amazed at some of the donations the fireman association received.

“When the building is completed, there will be recognition of the people and organizations who donated,” he said.

For more information about the 2008 Fulton County Fair, including a schedule of events and map of the fairgrounds, see pages 5-8.- David Pugh

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