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Fire Department Open House A Smashing Success



The Archbold Fire Department hosted an open house, Sunday, Oct. 7 to celebrate Fire Prevention Week, Oct. 7-13. Upper left: sisters Joslyn, 6, and Jalyn Tijerina, 3, dress up in junior firefighting gear before having their photo taken. Upper right: Jamison Grime, 3 1/2, covers his ears as a helicopter ambulance lifts off. The little boy was flown from Bryan to Toledo when he was born. His mother, Jodi, holds him.

Bottom left: Landon Boettger, Chris Short, and Todd Grisier, from left, tear the roof off a car during the Jaws of Life demonstration.

Bottom center and bottom right: Trinity Lauber, six months, and Lexi Giesige, 10, helped by firefighter Matt Hines, try out the junior

firefighting gear. All are from Archbold.- photos by Mary Huber









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