Archbold, OH

Fire Department Battles Grain Bin Fire

The Archbold Fire Department was called to Elmira to battle a fire in grain bins about 3:34 am, Sunday, Oct. 23.

Andy Brodbeck, Archbold fire chief, said S-W Mills owns the bins and uses them to store alfalfa pellets. Some of the pellets were apparently hot when they were put into the bin, causing a fire, he said.

Air blowers used to dry the pellets were feeding the fire with air. He said flames were showing from a pipe used to auger pellets out of the bin.

Firefighters put the fire out “as best we could,” he said. It was up to the company to remove the pellets from the bin.

To accomplish that, equipment and workers had to be brought in. Company officials were told if the fire started again to contact the department.

In other AFD news, the department aerial truck, Truck No. 101, assisted with a Fulton County Sheriff Department investigation in the Fayette area, Sunday night, Oct. 23.

Brodbeck said deputies needed to look for evidence at the top of a 70-foot tall silo, well within the reach of the 90-foot ladder of No. 101.

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