Archbold, OH

Fight Against Cancer Is On

Sometimes, no matter how much we pray, no matter how hard we fight, no matter how much money we raise, no matter how much sheer will we put up against it, cancer wins.

Maddy Lambert’s death last week was a tragedy for all. The nine-yearold fought leukemia, and legions of boys and girls, men and women, from all over, stood by her. People from miles around donated time and money, worked to raise more money, registered as potential bone marrow donors, and did whatever they could.

In spite of it all, Maddy was taken from her loving family and a loving community. We mourn her passing. We comfort the Lamberts. We console one another.

But now is not the time to give up the fight against cancer. Now is not the time to slink away, shoulders slumped, and say we can’t beat it.

Now is the time to remember a little girl’s smile, and the smiles of all the others lost to this horrid disease, as well as those currently fighting, and who have successfully fought the battle. Now is the time to come back swinging. Now is the time to do things like, run a lemonade stand, get heads shaved, participate in Relay for Life… do whatever we can. A dollar here; a few cents there. It all helps.

Now is the time to pick ourselves up and fight back at cancer with more fury than ever.

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