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‘Fierce Babies’ Wins Bible Quiz Season



“Fierce Babies,” Central, won the 2019 Bible Quiz season with 19 wins and one tie with “Huioi,” King’s Cross. With a combined 22 years of quizzing, team members are front row, from left: Isabella Ruiz, Justice Beck, Kate Nofziger, Lucia Rodriguez, Aaron Miller, Jeremiah Rodriguez. Second row: “Wave Walkers,” Eastland Baptist, finished second with 17 wins and two losses to “Fierce Babies” and one loss to “Huioi.” Members combining for 20 years of quizzing: Jaelyn Hall, Grace Sheldon, Lydia Sheldon (seven-year quizzer), Faith Sheldon, Trinity Snider. Third row: Joining this year, King’s Cross of Defiance had two teams participating. “Huioi,” 14-5-1, finished third, and “Ravenous Wolves,” 11-9, finished sixth. Tying for fourth with records of 11-8-1 were “Paralytic,” Pettisville Missionary, and “Several Skin Diseases,” North Clinton. From left: Joselyn Estrada and Kelsey Bennett, “Paralytic”; Brayden Tilley, Elijah Delgado, Levi Baus, William Nofziger, “Huioi.” Back row: Kayla Wyse, Weston Ruffer, and Isaac Norr, “Paralytic”; Ian Armstrong, Grace Armstrong (not visible), Levi Short, Oliver Shaw, Alissa Elliott, “Several Skin Diseases.” Four scholars that quizzed out in all 20 season matches, scoring 700 points, were Levi Baus, Kate Nofziger, William Nofziger and Levi Myers, Tedrow. It was the fifth consecutive year as top individual for Willam Nofziger and second for Levi Myers.– courtesy photo

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