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Field Trips For Students Are Important

An April 18 article in this newspaper about the opening of Sauder Village quoted Jeanette Smith, director of sales and marketing, as saying, “After all the budget cuts, (schools) are starting to give field trips back.”

We hope that’s true.

Field trips provide students with educational experiences that can’t be simulated in a classroom. Children can be more hands-on; instead of just reading about a topic or watching a movie, they can see, feel, and touch what they’re learning about.

Who doesn’t remember their school field trips? Going to Sauder Village, Goll Woods, the Toledo Zoo, the Toledo Museum of Art, the Ohio Historical Museum and Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, Fort Meigs in Perrysburg, just to name a few… all provided memorable learning experiences for children and their adult chaperones.

Education is about more than sitting in school every day, going from class to class. Field trips give children the opportunity to explore places they’ve never been… discover and experience different cultures… relive history firsthand.

You never know who might become the next zoo director, or museum curator, or state legislator, all because they were inspired on a school field trip.

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