Archbold, OH

FFA News

The Archbold FFA officer team attended the Fulton County Parliamentary Procedure contest at Evergreen High School, Wednesday, Nov. 14.

The officer team consists of Kyle Wesche, president; Ella Weaver, vice president; Elizabeth Wiemken, secretary; Ben Eggers, treasurer; Meridith Short, reporter; Brodie Ranzau, sentinel; Tyson Rufenacht, student advisor; and Lauren Stuckey, historian.

The team spent a month preparing for the contest, holding practices before and after school.

The contest requires each team to run a meeting properly by handling different motions and abilities correctly.

Each member has a portion of the meeting he has to present in front of the judges, and is scored on how correctly it is presented and carried out.

Each motion must be properly discussed and voted on upon correctly for full points to be awarded.

Archbold was awarded second place.–Meridith Short, reporter, and Lauren Stuckey, historian

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