Archbold, OH

Festival Of Lights, Parade Of Lights Take Time, Money

An evening of viewing the Archbold Parade of Lights, followed by a drive through Ruihley Park for the Festival of Lights, has become a tradition in Northwest Ohio.

Families gather from all over the nation for the Thanksgiving meal, then spend Friday night ushering in the Christmas holiday season with the parade and the festival.

While everyone enjoys the parade and the festival, rarely do they think about what makes them possible.

Interested members of the community make it happen, and lots of volunteer help. People are willing to give of their time, and money, to support the projects.

Business owners team with employees and provide cash to build the floats we all enjoy. Many owners and managers allow workers to take time away from their jobs to develop the displays.

The hours that go into creating floats and displays for the parade and the festival cannot be counted. While the costs of displays, light bulbs, extension cords, and the like can be enumerated, the actual cost can never be determined.

Dozens of people, spending untold amounts of time provide a bit of Christmas spirit for all; which, by the way, we can enjoy free of charge . That truly is Christmas in Archbold.

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