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Female Officer Joins Archbold Police Dept.

Allana J. Ferreira was appointed to the Archbold police force as a part-time probationary officer during the Archbold Village Council Monday, May 6 meeting.

Martin Schmidt, police chief, said Ferreira has served as a part-time offi- cer with Fayette police, and is employed full-time at the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio.

Ed Leininger, member of both council and the Archbold Planning Commission, gave council a review of the April 22 meeting of the commission.

Leininger said Tri-Flo, Inc., a propane gas and agricultural fertilizer business, asked that two properties, one north and one west of its present facility, be rezoned from residential to business.

He noted the company did not provide a site plan, which the village zoning ordinance said is required for zoning to be changed.

Company officials said they do not have a definite plan for business expansion on the property west of the current plant, but Leininger said the consensus was the firm won’t handle any chemicals it doesn’t currently sell, and there would be no noise nuisance.

He noted that APC had a split vote on whether or not to recommend the change to council.

The commission did vote to recommend the change.

Also, the commission approved a change in a conditional use for Knierim Hall. Currently a rental banquet hall, the owners wish to change to a retail marketplace.

Council will consider both matters at a public hearing, Monday, June 3.

Short Street

At the same April 22 meeting, APC recommended the village change the name of the Murbach Street Extension, which comes off of North Clyde’s Way to service Tri-Flo, to Short Street.

Original plans called for the street to connect to the original Murbach Street, but plans have changed since then.

Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor and APC member, said the group threw around two or three different ideas, but decided Short Street was the choice.

It honors the late Lowell Short, who developed the area.

Also, Wyse said it probably will be the shortest street in Archbold.

Council approved the name change.

Council approved transferring $900,000 from the income tax fund to the capital projects fund.

Dennis Howell, village administrator, said the transfer would cover ongoing construction bills.

Council also approved a contract with URS Corporation, Toledo, for construction administration services for the new anion exchange water treatment system at the village water treatment plant.

Howell said the village needs the firm’s expertise on the project. In the long run, it would cost less to hire the firm than have village offi- cials handle the work.

Council approved a $25,000 limit to the contract. Howell said he didn’t think the total bill would be that high, “but I wanted to leave myself some leeway so I don’t have to come back to you (council).”

Other Reports

Council reviewed the results of the April 18 Zoning Board of Appeals meeting. The group voted to allow Frozen Specialties, Inc., to build a 9×12 addition on the north side of its building.

Also reviewed were the minutes from a village tree board meeting. The finance and police reports for April were also examined.

Council was told the village received a certificate from the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, congratulating the village on one year with no worker accidents. –David Pugh

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