Archbold, OH

Federal Tax Dollars Working In Archbold

Archbold is getting $240,000 in economic stimulus dollars to help repave South Defiance Street.

But it’s not “free” money. It comes from the taxpayer. A large portion of our taxes go to the federal government in Washington D.C. The federal government then divides the dollars and doles them out.

Ohio does pretty well. The nonpartisan Tax Foundation calculates that for every $1 Ohioans sent to Washington in the 2005 fiscal year (the latest data available), $1.05 in federal spending was returned to the state.

Ohio ranked 32nd in dollars returned.

Who got the most? New Mexico got $2.03 for every dollar paid to Washington. Mississippi was a close second, receiving $2.02.

Who got the lowest return? New Jersey. The Garden State got only 61¢ of federal spending for every $1 paid in federal taxes.

Rhode Island, ranked 33rd in fiscal year 2005, broke even. For every $1 sent to Washington, $1 came back.

That means 16 other states got back less than they sent in.

In an ideal world, every state would get its dollars back on a 1-to- 1 ratio.

Of course, the world is not ideal, and Buckeyes can be thankful they’re not New Jersey.

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