Archbold, OH

Feb. Breakfast In Bradenton Draws 41 From Archbold

About 40 persons from Archbold and the surrounding area gathered for breakfast at the Bradenton (Fla.) Christian Retreat, Monday, Feb. 23.

Ed Carlin reported 40 persons attended: Curt and Leta Beck, Willie and Donna Buehrer, Ed and Annabelle Carlin, Hal and Irene Garrow, Paul and Evelyn Grieser, Ralph and Bonilynn Grieser, Don (DeRoyce) Hornish, Valeria Hornish, Marvin and Pauline King, Myrt Leininger, Chuck Lugbill, Mike and Orlene Mason, Ralph and Carolyn Metzler, Joe Miller, Robert and Mary Miller, Junior and Nancy Nafziger, P. Joe Nafziger, Vern and Lounita Plassman, Don and Maureen Rupp-Roth, Gary and Judy Salisbury, Paul and Jo Short, Lowell and Mary Ann Yoder, Mary Ellen Meyer and Jack and Joan Ziegler.

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