Archbold, OH

Fear In The Air

USA Today, a national newspaper, said that the air quality in Archbold elementary and high schools is so bad, it’s among the worst in the nation.

Local officials say, “There is no reason for concern in Fulton County.”

Parents, fearing for their precious children, ask who are they to believe?

This newspaper sides with the locals. They, and this newspaper, have questions.

Did USA Today test the air in Archbold? No.

Did USA Today call the companies that allegedly emit pollutants? No.

Did USA Today talk to the school superintendent, the mayor, anyone in Archbold? No, no, and no.

Instead, they based everything on a computer model – using information from 2005- and 100 snapshot tests around the U.S. It’s an imperfect simulation that postulates “if this, and this, plus that, you get this.” USA Today did note in the articles on air quality in schools the model’s findings are imperfect.

For many, the USA Today article created fear… fear of the very air we breath. Is that fear justified? Ohio experts say no.

Was the USA Today series responsible journalism? You decide.

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