Archbold, OH

Farmers Need Rain, Fulton County Extension Agent Says

Fulton County farmers could use some rain.

That’s what Eric Richer, Fulton County agricultural extension agent, said Monday, June 20.

“From the middle of May until Monday, we’ve only received 1.45 to 1 1/2 inches of measured rain,” he said.

Some areas of the county have had more, he said, “but in the last 30 days, that is not good.

“We’re not in alarming drought conditions, but we could use some rain.”

Records from the Archbold Wastewater Treatment Plant show for May, only 1.6 inches of rain were recorded.

The largest rainfall was a half-inch, which fell May 10.

Wastewater plant technicians check their instruments every morning around 8 am.

For example, if they check their gauge on the morning of the 11th, rain could have fallen between 8 am on the 10th and 8 am on the 11th. Any amount found in the gauge is credited to the 10th.

Plant technicians have recorded 2.4 inches of rain so far in June, with 1.95 inches falling Saturday, June 4.

“The entire county got rain June 4,” Richer said.

Rain is needed, particularly for corn and soybeans, to even out the growth stages.

“What happen this year, we had an uneven emergence. The weather we had in May was cool and damp. Then it turned like a switch,” he said. “Planting seemed to be a little later than normal, but some farmers were out there early.

“The biggest share of the plant was done from May 18 to 20, through the 30th. In 10 days, two-thirds to three-quarters of our planting was done,” he said.

“Planting went well once field conditions were right.”

Richer said the next big event for area farmers will be the wheat harvest, which he predicted is two to three weeks away.

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