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Farmers Market Ideas Sprout At Meeting

About 30 persons attended a Monday night, March 16, meeting to discuss the possibility of establishing a farmers market in Archbold.

Nanette Buehrer, director of the Archbold Area Chamber of Commerce, said there is a high level of interest in the project.

Some persons signed up to serve on a farmers market task force.

No date was set for the creation of a market, but those at the meeting “are ready to go this spring,” she said.

How often the market will be held, i.e., weekly, monthly, during Carp Fest, etc, was discussed.

“We would like to see something by this summer. How often… that may be something we have to grow into,” she said.

Attendees at the meeting not only included those who are interested in shopping at a farmers market, but who are interested in becoming vendors.

The audience said the market should be visible, festive, with good signage, convenient parking, attractive, and organized, with a good variety of vendors.

Shoppers want to see locallyproduced foods like fruits and vegetables, breads, cakes, pies, cookies, artesian cheese, ethnic foods- even dog treats.

Other items include flowers and craft items.

The farmers market shouldn’t be a place “where you drive up, get out of your car, buy some apples, and drive off. It should be an experience.”

She envisioned people strolling through the market, stopping to chat with friends and vendors. It would be similar to Art In The Park, held in conjunction with Carp Festival in July.

Going Green

Another aspect to the farmers market is allowing shoppers to buy food that is locally grown.

Robin Weirauch, from the Northwest Ohio Sustainable Food Network, sponsored by Northwest State Community College, spoke about the importance of knowing where food is produced and buying locallygrown products.

The market would allow shoppers to buy locally-grown foodstuffs, and keep their dollars local.

The market should promote “good will and community spirit,” she said.

Buehrer said the idea of creating a farmers market was first discussed at a February retreat for AACC board members.

She said the Chamber envi- sions its role as a facilitating organization.

Local Merchants?

Wouldn’t a farmers market detract from local merchants?

Buehrer said a Chamber board member spoke with downtown merchants about the project.

“One of the reasons Chamber is looking at this is the opportunity to bring more people to town,” said Buehrer.

“We heard loud and clear we should have this downtown, at a time of day where people can attend.”

She said Chamber will work with local merchants to post signs telling shoppers they can purchase items from local stores every day.

“We want to bring more business, not take any away,” she said.

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