Archbold, OH

Family Touched By Support

A family burned out of its home is a terrible thing.

The family of Ronald II and Angela Beauregard learned about small town American concerns when their dream home, a log house on US20 near Fayette, burned Monday, Jan. 2.

When the family home was damaged beyond repair, friends, neighbors, and even total strangers were ready to pitch in and help the family, who has lived in the area only a few months.

Mary Torio, a relative of the Beauregards, said the offers of help and support surprised them. They decided to turn that support to the area firefighters, who battled the blaze for hours. They asked that firefighters be provided with cookies or other homemade treats.

Based on the offers of help, Torio said the Beauregards have decided to remain in the area, and to be part of the Fayette and western Fulton County community.

While the Beauregards may have been surprised, most Fulton County citizens are not. Helping those in need has a long tradition here. Witness the large donations that have gone to local, national– even overseas charities.

Helping those in need– isn’t that the great American way?

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