Archbold, OH

Families, Churches Needed After Teen Tragedies

Recently, two terrible tragedies involving teenagers have occurred in the area. Two young people are gone long before their time.

Two families are grieving for the loss of their youngsters, and two communities are doing what they can to comfort them.

But the impact of the losses ripples far beyond the immediate families.

Boys and girls, young and old, are certainly suffering from the shock of friends and classmates being taken unexpectedly. They are filled with the age-old question, “why?”

Even those youngsters filled with false teenage bravado and put-on cynicism might be shedding a tear in private.

This is the time when parents, supported by their churches, need to take extra time with their children.

Children may not understand what has happened, and how it impacts them. They need assurance that while the memories of recent events may never leave, they will recover from the upset and anxiety they feel.

Parents need no reminder that this is the time to spend extra time talking with their children, doing activities with them, or holding them close.

We will never forget those who are gone, but the sun will shine again.

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