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Fairlawn Expansion Good For Everyone

Ground for Fairlawn Haven was broken Sept. 30, 1962, by members of the

Ground for Fairlawn Haven was broken Sept. 30, 1962, by members of the “Archbold Rest Home Project” executive committee and citizens of the community invited to participate. Here they are seen pulling long ropes attached to a plow held by John L. Short, chairman of the committee, symbolizing the entire community pulling together for a common cause.– photo courtesy Fairlawn Haven

Another big day, in a long series of big days, took place Thursday, Sept. 13, on the Fairlawn Haven Retirement Campus.

Ground was broken for a $5.5-million addition to the original nursing home building for the construction of a 12-bedroom rehabilitation area, or “neighborhood,” within the complex.

The groundbreaking ceremony was a copy of 1962, when ground was broken for the first building.

Men and women from Archbold churches teamed up to create Fairlawn Haven, and to break ground, they pulled together on ropes attached to an old moldboard plow.

The same plow was used for the 2012 groundbreaking.

Pulling together is an Archbold tradition, which also is a recurring theme at Fairlawn from the beginning when the churches joined together.

Fairlawn has expanded many times. New services, new living arrangements, and new recreational opportunities have been added.

Archbold is fortunate each time Fairlawn expands.



It increases the value of this incredible community asset.

With the Baby Boom generation nearing retirement, more people will need more medical services, including rehabilitation.

The Fairlawn decision to expand its rehabilitation facility is a sign of the good management and foresight.

Construction can begin in earnest, and through cooperative efforts, Fairlawn is prepared for the future.

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