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Fairlawn Consults With Stryker On Senior Housing

Fairlawn Haven is working with the Village of Stryker, plus other organizations and businesses, to determine whether it’s feasible to build a new senior housing project in that village.

“We’re going to give them expertise,” said Steve Ringenberg, Fairlawn chief executive officer.

Very few details have been hammered out, but Ringenberg emphasized new senior housing in Stryker would not be a Fairlawn project.

“Fairlawn is willing to be part of helping Stryker,” he said.

“Fairlawn is there to help and assist.”

Gary St. John, Stryker village administrator, said Fairlawn Haven “is perceived to be the premier facility for senior care in the area. That’s the reason we went to them.”

St. John suggested Fairlawn could own, or possibly manage, the project.

Nanette Buehrer, Fairlawn director of development and community services, said Fairlawn’s owning or managing a senior housing project in Stryker “hasn’t been ruled out, but neither has it been ruled in.”

Officials from Fairlawn and the Village of Stryker have signed a “Memorandum of Understanding,” which states the two will “collaborate to determine the need and community desire to build older adult housing on property currently owned by the village.”


After Stryker’s grocery store closed, the Village of Stryker purchased 36 acres of land south of the village, and east of St. Rt. 2, in 2002.

The plan was to construct a new grocery store there.

Then about three years ago, St. John said the Danter Group, a consulting firm from Columbus, came to the village and looked at what type of operation would work best in that spot.

The firm suggested senior housing for the parcel.

The next step is for Fairlawn and the Village of Stryker to look at the project, and determine what, exactly, is feasible.

St. John said an artist has been commissioned to develop a drawing of how the facility might look.

Public meetings will be held to discuss the project.


During those meetings, Buehrer said officials from Fairlawn and the Village of Stryker will be available to answer questions, but also to ask questions, to determine what the community wants and will support.

Also working with the project is First Energy. St. John said First Energy is required to derive some of its electrical generation from alternative energy resources.

The facility could have solar power.

Schools, such as the Stryker Local School District or Northwest State Community College, could combine to offer training for caregivers at the facility, he suggested.

The more entities and organizations that join in the project, the easier it would be to obtain grant funding, St. John said.

St. John said Stryker offi cials have been looking at the project for 2 1/2 years. Early in the investigation, Stryker officials met with Ringenberg and Duane Sauder, chairman of the Fairlawn Board.

“We need to talk with the community and see what they will support,” St. John said.

“If there is enough strong support, we can move on to phase II,” which will include an architectural design, he said.

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