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Fairlawn Conducts Active Shooter Exercise

The Fairlawn Haven Nursing Home and the Archbold Police and Fire Departments prepared for one of the worst possible scenarios, Monday evening, Oct. 22.

The drill conducted by the three groups, called an “active shooter exercise,” simulated what would happen if someone with a weapon is in the building, or if an armed subject has taken a hostage.

“The most effective way for any staff to learn how to respond to an emergency like this is to conduct a simulated drill,” said Peg Leschinski, a registered nurse and Fairlawn staff development director.

“Just having a drill with Archbold’s first responders is a success.

“The evaluation (of the drill) will assist us in improving our policy and procedures.”

Each year, Leschinski said Fairlawn trains staff members on “Code Silver,” the procedure to follow in a weapon or hostage situation.

In preparation for this year’s annual emergency drill, Matt Cromly, a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent gave a class in active shooter-armed intruder threat and response on Oct. 3 at Fairlawn.

Assisting were Health Occupations students from the Four County Career Center. The students played the roll of injured persons in the emergency exercise.

It is the second year the students participated.

“Most of us have participated in fire drills since we were children, but few of us know what to do when faced with someone who is shooting and killing people.

“Whether violence occurs in a business, house of worship, or school, there are steps you can take to increase the chances of survival by responding safely,” Leschinski said.

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