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Fairlawn Agrees To Invest Heavily In Archbold, Again

Fairlawn Haven announcing it will undertake a $5.5-million new building addition, along with renovations to the existing structure, is certainly good news for Archbold.

Exact dates are a little sketchy, but the idea that would eventually become Fairlawn was formed, more or less independently and simultaneously, by the late P.L. Frey, pastor of Zion Mennonite Church, and Jesse J. Short, pastor of Central Mennonite Church. In the late fifties early sixties, the wheels began rolling.

When the project was deemed too much for one church, several area Mennonite churches joined together to construct the non-sectarian nursing home. Even today, representatives of the participating churches meet once a year to approve the actions of the Fairlawn Board of Directors.

Fairlawn’s first building was completed, and the first residents admitted, on Feb. 27, 1964.

Since then, Fairlawn has grown and expanded many times. Low-income apartments, assisted-living facilities, privately-owned duplexes, and the Wyse Commons recreation building, were added over the years.

With each addition, Fairlawn has chosen to grow its Archbold campus, not to branch out to other communities.

Fairlawn has remained committed to Archbold and area residents.

This newest project is further demonstration of the commitment.

Aren’t Fairlawn and its employees great assets to this fine community?

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