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Fairlawn Addition Could Be Ready On 50th Anniversary

Nanette Buehrer, director of development and community services for the Fairlawn Retirement Community, said the newest addition to the nursing home and retirement campus could be ready for occupancy in February of next year.

In fact, that first patient could be in the new rehabilitation area within days of the 50th anniversary of the first patient arriving at Fairlawn.

Buehrer said the first patient arrived in late February 1964.

The newest addition, a $5.5-million project, will be known as the Rupp Rehabilitation Neighborhood. It is designed to provide care for 12 patients who will stay for a short period of time to rehabilitate from illness, surgery, or other medical situations.

Ground was broken for the addition on Sept. 13, 2012.


The project includes renovation of existing space within the original nursing home building.

By the end of October, contractors will have a remodeled area for dining and office space ready for the “punch list.”

A punch list is a list of things that need to be finished, changed, or repaired before a space is ready for inspection.

Once the area passes state inspection, Fairlawn staff will move out of the current therapy area in the original building. That space will be renovated to become a therapy gymnasium.

That area should be ready for the punch list and inspection by the end of January 2014.

Work in the addition should be complete by the end of December, she said.

The new addition will undergo state inspections but won’t accept the first patients until February, when the gymnasium space is finished.

Buehrer said the project has proceeded smoothly, with the general contractor and subcontractors working well together.


The word “neighborhood” in the addition’s name reflects major changes coming to Fairlawn.

Buehrer said the nursing home will move away from the “health care” model. The nursing home currently resembles a hospital or other medical facility.

Under the new plan, the facility will be divided into 12- to 20-resident “neighborhoods” with their own entrances, kitchens, dining areas, living areas, porches, and private bedrooms.

The addition is being fi- nanced through a combination of $1.5 million in donations, which were raised in six months, plus $4 million in construction bonds.

The lead donor on the proj- ect is the Bill and Melinda Rupp Foundation.

The construction bonds, which were sold through the Village of Archbold, are taxexempt. The Farmers & Merchants State Bank purchased the bonds.–David Pugh

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