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Fair Sets Seven-Day Attendance Record

The Fulton County Fair set a new seven-day attendance record, when 282,417 people walked through the gates between the opening day of Friday, Sept. 3, and closing on Thursday, Sept. 9.

That tops the previous record of 281,091 by 1,326, or about a half (.5) of a percentage point. The previous seven-day attendance record was set in 2007.

Fair attendance set three records. In addition to the new overall seven-day total, a new Labor Day Monday record was set when 59,987 people entered the fairgrounds. The new record topped the previous one of 59,065 in 2007.

A new four-day Labor Day weekend (Friday-Monday) record was set, at 209,746. That topped the previous record of 201,313, set in 2007.

While only one single-day attendance record was set, Friday through Tuesday were near-record days.

Listed below are each day’s 2010 attendance, the standing record, and when it was set:

2010 Standing Record
Day Attendance & Year Set
Friday 26,034 26,821 (2007)
Saturday 60,609 60,731 (2009)
Sunday 63,116 63,530 (2009)
Monday 59,987 59,065 (2007)
Tuesday 27,092 28,597 (2007)
Wednesday 22,237 29,954 (2003)
Thursday 23,342 31,794 (2003)

From 1988 to 2010, the average seven-day attendance figure exceeds a quarter million, at 254,315.

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