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Extend Lafayette Street In 2010-11

The extension of Lafayette Street from its current west end, between the Archbold High School and the Archbold Evangelical Church, to Co. Rd. 24, will be completed by late 2011.

That was the decision of Village Council during a Tuesday night, July 27, work session.

Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, and Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, reported on the results of the work session during the Monday, Aug. 2 council meeting.

Income Tax

With the Archbold municipal income tax bringing in less revenue in 2010, Howell said the village cannot afford to build the Lafayette Street extension in one year.

So, the $1.4 million Lafayette Street project will be open for bids late this year, as a winter project.

Howell said over the winter months of 2010, the contractor can complete $300,000 to $400,000 worth of work, then finish the job in 2011.

Bob Seaman, village engineer, said winter is a good time to do underground work, such as installing storm sewers.

“There’s a fair amount of storm sewer work to be done,” Seaman said.

Construction of the road surface can’t be done in winter, because asphalt plants shut down around Thanksgiving, and reopen in April or May.

Also, Howell said if the underground portion of the project is done during winter, the village may get lower work bids. Contractors look for winter construction jobs to keep crews employed.

Other Projects

During the Monday meeting, council members also discussed plans for capital improvements for the next five years.

Howell said the five-year plan is just a proposal that can change depending on conditions.

A second project scheduled for 2011 is $500,000 in street resurfacing, which Howell said should put the village up to date, and put it ahead of the resurfacing schedule.

A big project tentatively scheduled for 2012 is reconstruction of North Buehrer, Schlatter, and Burke streets in Archbold’s southwest quadrant.

The estimated price of that project is $1.5 million.

Howell said village offi- cials will apply for State Issue II grant money to help fund the project.

Also on the agenda for 2012 is the reconstruction of part of the alley on the east side of North Defiance Street, and rebuilding of a portion of East Holland Street, from the alley on the east side of North Defiance Street to Vine Street.

Village officials also want to convert traffic signals at two intersections from pavement-embedded traffic detectors to new video detectors.

The video system is more flexible, and does not require expensive replacement when streets are resurfaced.


In 2013, council is considering two projects: reconstruction of North Street, plus two blocks of West and Middle streets, and reconstruction of Depot and High streets.

The North Street project, in the southeast quadrant of the village, is estimated to cost about $800,000.

Depot and High streets, in the northeastern quadrant, carries an estimated price tag of $850,000.

A Big Job

Looming on the horizon is the reconstruction of Stryker Street.

That, Howell said, will be a difficult job for a couple of reasons.

Proper drainage will be an issue, because the houses on the north side of the street are below street level.

Also, traffic safety standards call for left-turn lanes in front of the Archbold Middle School and the ConAgra plant.

But homes and other buildings are relatively close to the street, which would make adding turn lanes diffi cult.–David Pugh

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