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Ex-Smelly House On The Market; Was Pool The Problem?

The home formerly known as “Smelly House,” 210 Wilson Street, has been repaired and is on the market, said Oscar Hernandez, Fulton County Health Department sanitarian.

Three separate real estate web sites list the asking price as $44,900.

But some question whether the neighborhood odor was actually the fault of 210 Wilson Street, or a hole in the ground that collected water at a neighboring home.

The hole was left after an above-ground swimming pool was removed.

Carma Grime, village zoning inspector, said problems at 210 Wilson Street and the neighboring house have been resolved.

210 Wilson Street

The story of 210 Wilson Street first came to public attention at the May 3 meeting of Archbold Village Council, where a letter concerning the house was discussed.

The previous owners of the home abandoned the property prior to 2007. Ownership reverted to the Federal National Mortgage Association in February 2007, with Huntington Bank, Columbus, managing the property.

In 2009, three to four feet of water was standing in the basement, and mold was observed growing on the walls.

Very little was done until May 11, 2010, when Cleveland based Safeguard Properties, a mortgage field service “All visible mold has been company, announced it would clean and repair the home.

The home had a finished basement. All of the finishing, i.e., wall studs, wallboard, floor covering, etc., was removed.

On the main floor, carpeting was removed and replaced, new kitchen cabinets were installed, and ceiling fan blades were replaced.

The walls and ceilings were treated with Concrobium, an Environmental Protection Agency-approved chemical product.

Hernandez said Concrobium works by encasing the mold so it cannot grow and mold spores cannot be released. removed,” he said.

As a result, the house is ready for occupancy.

The contractor “has met all the obligations we asked them to meet,” Hernandez said.


Hernandez stated in an earlier report that an odor could be detected coming from the basement.

When asked about the possibility of the smell coming from the site of the former above-ground pool, Hernandez could not discount the possibility but said the former pool and the house were problems, and both issues had to be dealt with.–David

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