Archbold, OH

Everywhere A Sign

“Signs, signs, everywhere a sign.”

That’s the refrain from a song titled “Signs,” sung by the Five Man Electrical Band. The song reached number three on the Billboard magazine Hot 100 chart of top songs in the United States in 1971.

In a tongue-in-cheek way, the refrain could apply to the German Township Trustees’ plan for signs they plan to post to warn drivers about the removal of four-way stops on Co. Rd. 24. The trustees voted 2- 1 at their Monday, Dec. 9 meeting to change to two-way stops at Co. Rds. B-C, E, F and eventually, G.

Using actual road signs, Joe Short, president of the trustees, showed three signs, a flashing light, and flags that will be mounted on two posts as motorists approach a new two-way stop. There will also be a 36-inch stop sign– the largest allowed by law– with blinking lights, plus a “cross traffic does not stop” sign at the intersection.

The trustees can’t be faulted for skimping on signs.

But Andy Brodbeck, a trustee and retired 40-year member of the Archbold- German Township Fire Department, pointed out that most accidents result from driver error. It can be almost guaranteed that even with all the signs, warning flags, and lights, someone will either run the stop sign, or stop and then pull out into the intersection and cause a crash. When it happens, some will blame the trustees.

As we’ve said before, the real answer is for drivers to pay attention, come to a complete stop (not a rolling stop), drive defensively, and obey the law.