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Ever Ready 4-H Club Contributes to New Pettisville Park Flagpole

Members of the Pettisville Ever Ready 4-H Club have learned a lesson about giving back to their community.

Earlier this spring, club members donated funds to replace the flagpole outside the Pettisville Park Pavilion.

The new flagpole is in place for Flag Day, which is Saturday, June 14.

The club donated money to cover about half the cost. The Pettisville Community Park Board, which oversees and operates the park, covered the remaining half.

The new flagpole replaced the original, which was placed in front of the pavilion shortly after it was built in 1991.

The old pole had begun to lean, and was showing the wear and tear of the years.

Mick Nofziger, former park board president, said members of Pettisville’s American Legion Post, which meets in the pavilion, commented the pole “was kind of getting dull.”

It was also smaller, and its size and age made it less attractive than two other flagpoles that were within sight of the pavilion.

The American Legion recently donated flagpoles to the Pettisville baseball field that flanks the park on the west, and to the school-owned track and field complex that flanks the park on the east.

The 4-H club members decided to donate money they raised from their annual chicken barbecue to help replace the flagpole.

Marilyn Rychener, head advisor for the Ever Ready Club, said the club chose to participate in the project because, “we use the park pavilion for all our meetings. The kids wanted to do it as a way to ‘give back’ to the park.”

The total cost of the new flagpole, installed, was about $1,300.

The new pole was installed in the same location as the original, which had been donated to the park by the Legion. – D.J. Neuenschwander

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