Archbold, OH

Evan Church Construction Eight To 10 Days Behind

David Lersch, rural Archbold and member of the Archbold Evangelical Mennonite Church, said the church’s new building is “pretty well on schedule.

“We’ve been making good progress because we’ve been able to close the building and work inside,” Lersch said.

The project lost about eight to 10 days of work due to weather, but with workers now inside the structure, some of the lost time could be made up, he said.

Plans are to hold an open house for the congregation in May, but he said right now, the site is off limits to visitors.

Lersch said there have been no major problems in the construction process.

None of the materials have been in short supply- in fact, some materials were delivered to the site early.

There’s water and natural gas in the building, and electricity from Toledo Edison is expected this week. Construction crews have been drawing electricity from two on-site generators.

He said church officials plan to begin holding services in November.

“November is our target for occupancy,” he said.

Right now, Lersch estimated the new church is about 30% to 35% complete.

The 50,000 square-foot building will cost $8.2 million.- David Pugh

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