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Enrollment Down One At Archbold; Pettisville Up 18

Enrollment at the Pettisville Local School District is up by 18 for the 2007-08 school year, while the Archbold Area School District is down by one.

Statistics released by David Deskins, Archbold Area School District superintendent, showed that for 2007-08, the Archbold Area School District has 1,353 students enrolled. That’s down one, or about seven hundredths of a percentage point (.07%) from the previous school year.

Steve Switzer, Pettisville Local School District superintendent, said his district has 574 students registered for the new school year, up about 3.2% from last year’s 556.

Deskins said there are 532 students at the Archbold Elementary School, 406 at the Archbold Middle School, and 415 at Archbold High School.

Switzer’s figures show 277 students in kindergarten through sixth grade at Pettisville Elementary School, plus another 286 from seventh grade to high school senior at Pettisville Junior High and High School.

A total of 11 Pettisville students are in other programs.

Deskins said this year, there are 49 open enrollment students in Archbold schools, with one additional pending.

That’s more than double last year’s 23 students in the first year of open enrollment at Archbold.

At 49 students, those attending through open enrollment make up about 3.6% of the total school enrollment.

Pettisville, which has been involved in open enrollment for several years, saw its open enrollment student population increase from 130 in 2006-07 to 157 for the current school year, a 20.7% increase.

Open enrollment students make up 28% of the total enrollment at Pettisville Schools.

Boys outnumber girls in the Archbold School district. Figures from Deskins indicate there are 702 boys in the district, as opposed to 651 girls.

Included in the Archbold figures are six attending the Fulton County Opportunity School, plus another 31 attending the Four County Career Center.

Pettisville’s figures include six special education students, plus three charter school students.

Below is each school enrollment, by grade:

Archbold: pre-kindergarten: 49; kindergarten: 99; first: 98; second: 92; third: 102; fourth: 92; fifth: 103; sixth: 98; seventh: 96; eighth: 109; freshmen: 100; sophomores: 94; juniors: 84; seniors: 99.

Pettisville: pre-kindergarten: 2; kindergarten: 37; first: 41; second: 39; third: 40; fourth: 40; fifth: 40; sixth: 40; seventh: 47; eighth: 42; freshmen: 45; sophomores: 51; juniors: 54; seniors: 47.

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