Archbold, OH

Enforce Sidewalk Safety Law

For several years, Archbold law has prohibited bicycles, skateboards, and rollerblades on sidewalks in the historic district of downtown Archbold.

The reason is simple: speeding bicycles and human bodies whizzing by on wheels are dangerous to pedestrians in the shopping/business district.

A citizen coming out of a doorway was knocked down and broke an arm. The law is for citizen safety and protects village government from lawsuits.

Over the years, children and adults, who are old enough to know better, have zipped through the district on wheels. This must stop.

Enforcement comes under police supervision. Our great village law enforcement agency must pay closer attention.

The bicycle patrol could specialize in the law and instruct violators with kind, considerate verbal warnings, like the motor patrol handles stop bar violators.

Of course, education involves teaching, and our policemen are great teachers; however, parents have the first responsibility of teaching. They should inform their children of the rule.

We suggest police officers enforce the ordinance, perhaps taking time to drive an offender home. What parent wants to see their child arrive home in the back seat of a police car?

It would be practical for village offi- cials to consider painting “no bicycles, skateboards, or skates” on sidewalks in addition to the small signs posted on streetlights, which are routinely ignored. Many towns and cities use the painted sidewalk warning.

Warmer weather is coming, and gasoline prices are climbing. Bicycles, skateboards, and inline skates will be on streets and sidewalks.

Address the problem now.

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