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EMS Problem, How Did It Happen?

Imagine yourself standing underneath a money tree, in full bloom. All you have to do is jump up and pick the cash off the branches- but you’re too lazy!

That’s essentially what happened in the county Emergency Medical Service office.

The EMS office bills medical insurers for ambulance runs. Billing is a critical part of the funding formula for our excellent countywide EMS system.

But a lot of bills weren’t being prepared or submitted.

With the Fulton County general fund constantly teetering on the brink of red ink, passing up cash already earned is intolerable!

As a result, Bob Hartman, director of the Fulton County EMS and Emergency Management Agency, lost his job. In Hartman’s defense, it is a big job, perhaps more than one man can handle. However, it was Hartman’s job to be responsible. He was not.

The Fulton County Commissioners have three challenges : determine how it happened, straighten out the mess quickly, and prevent it from happening again.

Public trust is government’s most valuable commodity. Public trust in Fulton County has been diminished by the incident.

It must be restored!

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